Nonprofit Resources

Starting in 2016, in response to calls from nonprofit and community organizations seeking resources and support for their work, the WisNRG network began working on an inventory of resources for Wisconsin nonprofit organizations.  We limit our inventory to free and affordable resources provided by public sector and nonprofit entities in support Wisconsin “on-the-ground” nonprofit organizations.  Inventory categories are based on feedback from nonprofit professionals as some of the most critical services and supports they seek out to navigate the complexity of their work while facing resource limitations.

The inventory included here is organized by key category or “type” of resource, and is organized into regions of Wisconsin.  Regions are based on input fromr key WisNRG representatives to ensure that the information provided is accurate and relevant.  However, if there are resources that we’ve missed, or correction that need to be made, please let us hear from you.  Even with this careful approach, we cannot guarantee that the resources listed will meet your organization’s needs.

Please note that we only list public sector and nonprofit-based resources. While there are a host of excellent paid service providers in Wisconsin who may also meet the needs of nonprofit organizations, we do not typically list them here.  

This Inventory has been divided into loose regions and is organized according to the categories of resources that are offered or hosted by nonprofit and public entities.

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