What is WisNRG?

The Wisconsin Nonprofit Resources Group (WisNRG) began when UW-Madison’s Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies, along with the Morgridge Center for Public Service, started exploring how best to respond to an increase of inquiries from community and nonprofit organizations across Wisconsin. As these organizations were looking for accessible, free or reduced cost resources, one thing became very clear. Nonprofit and community organizations are often doing a lot with limited resources, and must be extremely careful about identifying accessible, affordable, or free support to optimally move forward on their mission-based work.

This led to a bigger question. Exactly where do nonprofit and community organizations go to find these resources? In March 2016, a convening was held of institutions of higher education, public sector representatives, nonprofit centers, community foundations and funders, and other nonprofit sources that serve nonprofits. This group continues to meet quarterly, working to develop an accessible inventory of public and nonprofit sector offerings available to nonprofit and community organizations throughout Wisconsin.

WHY: Wisconsin nonprofit and community organizations can benefit from a Wisconsin-wide platform for stakeholders to share about efforts, practices, resources, and needs.

WHAT: WisNRG is a collective of “service-tier” public and nonprofit organizations, which coordinates efforts to address the needs of the sector.

HOW: We collect, compile, share, and communicate information about efforts, resources, and gaps in the Wisconsin community and nonprofit sector, and work to increase access to resources.

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